I am a Perth born, Sydney based photographer who has travelled the world in the pursuit of beauty, truth and adventure. And I have not been disappointed.  Ansel Adams once said...                                                                                                          

You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved

I  know this to be true.

My life has been colourful, messy, beautiful, challenging, emotional, creative with a lust for learning… and I wouldn’t change a thing. 

All of this I bring to my subject. The magnificent creature we call horse

In my past I been a film producer in L.A, a musician in many bands (Absent Friends won us an Aria), studied for several degrees, raised three beautiful boys and held three photographic exhibitions. As an English Literature graduate and a lover of books, film, people and horses, I believe I bring all of this to the shoot. My absolute passion for horses is so profound I prefer to put that emotion into fine art photographs. So many others share this understanding of horses, but for those who don’t, the artwork on the wall offers even the uninitiated a sense of majesty. Of freedom, beauty and escapism.

Nicole Bartleet and warmblood, Kasperrado Deloire. Photo by @lucymortonphotographer

Nicole Bartleet and warmblood, Kasperrado Deloire. Photo by @lucymortonphotographer

Eight years ago I started my  training in dressage and raised  horses in the Adelaide Hills, including my beloved Friesians and a warmblood training in higher level dressage. Already a portrait photographer I embraced the genre and went on to win Pro Equestrian Photographer of the year in 2012 for my coverage of the 2011 Adelaide Intl 3DE. The press room was my training ground at large competitions.   Once I had the rules down, I experienced the desire to bend them and become an artist.

I believe horses can feel things so deeply they see right into us. And if we listen to them, we can see their souls too. My camera has recorded this as I learned to see and feel with compassion and patience. And this can be so healing. I am living proof. I thought they needed me, but I needed them far more. This unique power of the horse and its complex emotions is the subject of every photograph. Enjoy!