Welcome to Black Colt Photography

For some time now I have been an equestrian photographer. But it was time to step it up a notch and create fine art from these magnificent animals that have totally changed my life. The pressure cooker of the huge competitions was exciting and I loved the hustle. It is true though that once you bother to learn the rules, you then have a fabulous time breaking them. To me that was the beginning of a beautiful journey after a decade of blood, sweat and tears! (learning dressage, breaking in young horses, fixing fences, feeding up in the dark and cold - all totally worth it). And joy. So much joy. And respect. Horses humble you in the loveliest of ways.

From my early days as Littlewing Photography up until now, my ethos has never changed. It is always about the palpable emotional connection between horse and rider that is beautiful synergy. It is moving and sometimes indescribable. Despite never being short of something to say (ask anyone who knows me), I prefer to let my camera do the talking.

With a piece of Black Colt fine art, the aim is for the viewer to have the space to interpret the work with their unique persona. We all have a narrative. Whether it's a bespoke service for a day, an emotional and/or glamorous portrait of you and your horse or a piece from my fine art collection,  the approach never changes. Horses are horses. And I share your passion for them.

Nicole Bartleet